We are a band. A german band.
We like to be called "Art Rock", it's got a ring to it.
If you like what we do, don't tell us, tell everyone you know.
If you should decide to write something about us, please compare us to cool bands.
We love Eierkuchen. They are not pancakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foxbird? Jagat Skad? I'm confused!
We're too! Before we started as Foxbird, we called our band Jagat Skad.
Look up "Agenda 2010" to get an idea.

Why this obsession with food?

If you were an animal, which one would you be?
A red panda.

Your music is not "Art Rock"!
That's not a question!

What are your weaknesses?
C minor and B flat major.

Who are you?
Hell, who are you?

One of our favorite activities is receiving e-mails.
Just send your poems to and we will happily steal them from you.
We might have a good day and be willing to answer, but at least our spam newsletter will definitely find its way back to you (as soon as we find someone to write newsletters for us).

Someone stole the "back" link.